Chess Lessons - Zona 14 - English Lessons available Chess Instructor

Classroom Location:
Edificio Barletta, Zona 14, Study Room

We offer: a pleasant, inclusive and respectful environment. Secure place with permanent permanent security provided by the building. Free parking for guardians or parents. Learning and extracurricular fun!

Professional Psychologist and Nutritionist
Part-Time Chess Instructor

HUGE discounts for groups
We also take adults who would like to improve their game or start up

Razón de venta:
Descuentos: pareja 25$ por persona, 3 o más personas 20$ por persona. Cada Lección dura 1.5 horas Discounts: 2 students 25$ each, 3 or more 20$ each Each lesson lasts 1.5 hours.

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